Erk Pod 73 – Show Notes

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 73, the first episode hosted by Erk and Drue together for 2008. In this episode:

  • Erk & Drue’s New Year Eve 2007
  • Drue’s Lemon De-tox update
  • Sydney’s radio stations are starting to bring their main hosts back for 2008.
  • Interviews with OG from Brains Matter (episode 72) and Kram from Reality Cast  (coming soon, episode 74 of Erk Pod and episode 2/2008 of Erk to the Diary Room).
  • Talking about school life and increased travel time for students to/from school.
  • The 2007 Darwin Awards has been announced, not that we should aim to be a winner of this award.
  • Erk goes to JB Hi-fi and hears the Erk Pod theme tune and watches Emily play Guitar Hero.
  • Erk & Drue talk trains across Australia and Erk does some acting.
  • Erk & Drue agree that minus 20 degrees C is bloody cold! G’day Richard!
  • Erk has won Big Brother 2008 already. Go Erk!
  • Erk joins Norg – an online Citizen Journalism site.


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