Erk’s Tunnel Training

Over the past 2 days, I have been doing some training in relation to doing in an emergency evacuation in a tunnel based on lessons learnt after the bombings in London & Madrid. Over the 2 days we did various role plays, theory and practical training. While not playing the role of a driver, I played the role of various passengers.

I don’t have a really creative background apart from writing, podcasting and photography. I’ve never done a drama class for instance but I really enjoyed acting in various roles over the last two days.  I enjoyed it so much that I suggested that if they paid me driver’s money to be an actor for this training, I’d happily do it.

The first photo (above) is me acting injured after I fell out of a wheelchair and couldn’t get up and the other photo (below) is the train that I helped to evacuate in my role as driver for the scenario. I sincerely hope that we do not need to use this training.


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