Erk Pod Mini 17 – Show Notes. Thursday 17 January 2008

Welcome to Erk Pod Mini for Thursday 17 January 2008.In this episode:

  • The interview with OG from Brains Matter (Erk Pod episode 72) is the 2nd highest Erk Pod episode downloaded on Podshow. At the time of this episode, it was equal with episode 69 (my solo Xmas Eve Eve Eve episode) and about to overtake Drue’s debut on episode 65.
  • The interview with Kram from Reality Cast is now up in 2 parts (Erk Pod 74 & 75) with a special BB only edition for BB fans listening via my Big Brother podcast “Erk to the Diary Room”
  • Speaking of Erk to the Diary Room, I updated it today and the website is now powered by WordPress.
  • Went to Westiefield. Got season 1 of “The Office” UK and the 2007 review of the World Rally Championship. Couldn’t get the car washed because the place was closed.
  • I installed a new cable modem and spent 20 minutes on the phone only to speak to Sales and not Support.

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