Erk’s Interview with Kram from Reality Cast (Erk Pod 74 & 75)

Part 1 (Erk Pod 74 ) – 59 minutes

Part 2 (Erk Pod 75) – 57 minutes

Welcome to this special interview with Kram from the Reality Cast podcast. It is an extended chat that will become part 1 (Erk Pod episode 74) and part 2 (Erk Pod episode 75).

We talk about Australian Idol, Big Brother, The Biggest Loser and more. We also touch on podcasting, music, a bit of tech talk, sport and a lot more. Don’t forget to download and listen to both parts of the interview.

Usually on an Erk Pod episode I try to cut the Big Brother talk out but because of the type of interview it is, I will keep it all in. If you are a fan of Big Brother and do not want to hear about the other shows, I have done a separate BB only edit on my Big Brother podcast “Erk to the Diary Room” and this is episode 2/2008.

Thanks to the interview, Kram. A big shout out to Ganesha who hosts the show alongside Kram and also to Drue who hosts Erk Pod and Erk to the Diary Room with me. Listen to Reality Cast


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