New Modem Installation

Recently my ISP sent me a new modem to self install because they weren’t going to support my old modem anymore. I’d had the old modem ever since I got broadband some years ago. The instructions were clear but I could only imagine if you had never installed anything onto a computer yourself that you’d be packing death.

I disconnected the old modem and connected the cable to the new modem. Then I had to call my ISP to activate the new modem. While some people hate the menu driven “press 1 for………., press 2 for ……..” at least most times you get to where you are waiting to go. However with their system it is voice recognition. So you have to say words like “internet” and “support” and “yes” a few times. So far so good, it seemed to understand me and I was placed on hold.



Bad music.



Same bad music.


There was no idea given about who I was exactly holding for or how long I was holding for. Eventually after about 20 minutes someone else only to answer “Optus Sales” in an Indian accent. I confirmed that she did indeed say “Sales” and I asked to be put through to Support. I was told that the direct number for Support was …………….. and I should dial it. I told the operator that I had just called Support on …………….. and somehow got Sales. Then she offered to put me through herself.

In one way it was irritating for this call to be answered straight away because I’d just spent 20 minutes on hold only to be talking to the wrong department. Having said that, I am glad I didn’t have to hold further. After the usual questions my modem was activated and I connected the remaining cables and I was quickly back online.


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