Weekend at Corey’s

By now you have probably heard about the story of 16 year old Corey who hosted a 500 person party at his house after advertising it on Myspace. All week the media has been filled with Corey stories about the response of the Police, the amount of damage caused, Corey’s fashion sense (or lack thereof), Corey’s demands of the media – and so it goes on.

Neighbours called Police after the party got out of hand and properties surrounding Corey’s was being damaged. Almost every Policeman and his dog showed up and shut the party down. No one was arrested despite a lot of damage to private and public property. And where were Corey’s parents? They were enjoying a holiday on the Gold Coast that Corey was supposed to go on but he didn’t go. Then after the party hit the media, he thought it would be a good idea to file the party and his parents reaction under “this is not happening”.

So what do I think of the situation? In summary:

  • It must have been a quiet news week in Australia and the world as it featured in news reports across the world
  • Corey shouldn’t be responsible for the actions of his guests when they leave his place in much the same way that the Melbourne Cricket Ground or Crown Casino are not responsible for their guests’ actions when outside the premises
  • A lot of people have been talking about the cost of the Police response (rumored to be about $20, 000) but they have been seemingly forgetting about the damage to surrounding properties.
  • Are we going to continually hear about the amount of coin it costs for Police and other Emergency Services to attend an incident and claim some of the cost off the people responsible?
  • After being interviewed by Police, it seems that the worst thing that the Police can find to charge Corey with is taking photos of semi-naked girls while playing Twister. Are Police now going to crack down on teenagers taking photos of each other at parties?
  • And then after being charged, he can’t be named because he isn’t an adult even though he has been in the media all week.
  • Corey has tried to profit big time from the event. In the aftermath, he tried to charge Melbourne radio stations $300 each for him and 3 mates, a limo and free concert tickets for a year. It was funny that Sydney radio duo Merrick and Rosso on Nova managed to talk to him for free by ringing Corey on the phone while he was waiting to talk to an Austereo station in Melbourne.
  • A new Flash game has been created where you can see how far you can slap Corey. My record is 296m but one of my rally mates Matty T has managed to totally own me by slapping Corey 620 metres! Slap Corey here
  • So what’s the answer? Community service and lots of it, I reckon!


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