How Would You Like To Die in One Episode?

I was watching the ABC-TV cop drama “The Bill” on tape last night. Even despite all the cast changes and a move to a soapish look at the coppers private lives, I still tune in to see Sun Hill’s Finest tackle the mean streets of London each week.

Over the last 12 months or so, there has been a massive change to the cast and also to the station and a new generic intro sequence. Saturday night saw the introduction of a couple of new PC’s, one male and one female. “Real” cops aren’t that hot are they? Sun Hill seems to be full of them! It’s like a revolving door of hotness!

Anyhoo, the two probies have to be puppywalked by their Sargent and while they are waiting for their uniforms and stuff, Billy and Hottie (that’s not her name but that will do) are having some banter and Billy’s not letting the fact that he’s a virgin (so he says) from having a red hot crack at Hottie on day 1.

I could imagine the actor reading through the script learning his lines and thinking “Hmmm, I’m going to be Sun Hill’s next heart throb,. I’m doing alright here.” Most of the time when you get a speaking part as a Sun Hill copper, you are there for a while. If you were an extra who walks down the stairs while Tony & Reg walk up, you shouldn’t expect to have a long term role. But if you get to go out in the Panda (do they still call them Panda cars?) you’d be feeling OK. You might be tempted to flick forward in the script to see if you get the bad guys. Unfortunately for Billy’s actor, if he flicked forward too far the script directions would have included words like “Billy stabbed” and “Billy gets CPR” and “Billy gets pronounced dead”. Damm! Sure it is a challenge acting dead on the floor (just ask me!) but you wouldn’t want to do that on episode numero uno of a long running TV drama, would you?

EDIT: Just had a brief peep at the show’s official website. I don’t want to look at it too hard because we here in Australia are behind the UK but PC Hottie’s name is Sally. She even has a Myspace page! But then again, Reg does host a podcast!



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3 responses to “How Would You Like To Die in One Episode?

  1. Looks like a Hyundai Getz with a FIAT badge to me, Drue! :P

  2. Squeak!!

    I watched this episode and I agree PC hottie.

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