Listening to a song over and over and over again

Sometimes you hear a song and it really grabs you. Sometimes you know the name of the song so you can rush out and buy it (maybe) but often you don’t (often on FM radio). Lately I’ve been listening to podcasts almost exclusively and I had no music on my iPod at all. Indeed the longest I’ve spent listening to commercial radio (apart from podcasted episodes) is when I was listening to my mate Leigh the Voice Over Guy on Xmas Day last year.

The other day, Drue & I went shopping at Westiefield and then back to his place for some Guitar Hero 3 action. I’ve found a lot of good stuff on previous games that I had no idea existed before. Free Bird is probably the best example of that. On this occasion there were a lot of songs on there that I knew of but not the title but one song that I’d never heard grabbed me. It is “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse. It’s just over 6 minutes of guitar fueled heaven. There are some words that seem to be quite co-incidental. When Drue was playing the song, I thought it was an instrumental. It might as well be. Love it!

So last night I got onto iTunes and brought the song and have been listening to it (apart from when I was asleep) ever since! Sometimes I’m like that, I’ll just listen to the same song over and over and over again.


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