Interview With Richard Jeffries, Wasting Time Podcast (Erk Pod Episodes 77 & 78)

Part 1 (Erk Pod episode 77) – 63 minutes

Part 2 (Erk Pod episode 78) – 49 minutes

Welcome to this two part special interview with Richard Jeffries from the Wasting Time podcast via Skype. Richard and I have been chatting via email, website comments and various episodes of our podcasts so we thought that it is a good time to get together and have a chat. Over the two parts, we talk about a lot of stuff including:

  • The weather in Sydney (me, not cold) and Chicago (Richard, cold enough, below zero)
  • Questions and answers about Australian and American life, TV, celebrities, sport & more
  • Travel stories
  • Podcasting
  • Music
  • Motor Sport here, there and everywhere
  • Computers and tech
  • Richard’s iPhone and Erk’s Nokia N95

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