The Death of Heath Ledger

I thought that if I was writing a headline about the death of a famous person this year, I’d be writing “Britney Spears” or “Amy Winehouse” but definately not Heath Ledger’s. Maybe that is part of the reason behind the shock of the situation. If it had of been either female, I (and the rest of the world) probably would not have been surprised.

I left home for work this morning not knowing anything about the event. I got to work, signed on and then went to the toilet. While doing my business, I thought I’d turn on my mobile phone and also check my Twitter feed. Ironically, I hadn’t checked Twitter this morning at home.

When I fired up Twitter, I saw a couple of entries saying something like “Heath Ledger dead”. I clicked on a link on my Twitter feed for Sydney Norg and briefly read the story. Because I was on standby duties at Lidcombee station, I would be updated throughout the afternoon about the events.

I’d soon learn that Heath was found dead in his apartment in New York and various theories already are abound about what may or may not have happened. At one stage while watching the Australian Open tennis, Channel 7 newsreader Jessica Rowe told us that there will be an update at 6pm. Unfortunately Jessica, at 6pm Heath will still be dead.

At this stage, we are seeing the same footage over and over again. The body is carried out of the apartment in a body bag on a stretcher and loaded into a van. There is a massive crowd of media, fans and other people and when the NYPD took the body out of the apartment, the flashes from the camera almost made the night scene look like the middle of the day. Then there are the tributes on the screen via various people and also the update from the reporter on the scene. The update is usually the same update, however.

I don’t know how many times I need to see the scenes I saw on the news this afternoon. This reminds me on a smaller scale of what happened with 9/11 where the media continually showed over and over and over again the planes crashing into the WTC.

I can understand that there will be many upset and grieving fans out there and needless to say, Heath’s family and friends will be devastated. That is probably a massive understatement. As time passes the media coverage is just going to increase ten fold, not something that Heath would have wanted. At the moment, there is only one person who definately knows what happened and he isn’t here to defend himself. I won’t be blogging about what is happening but I thought that I should mention it and my reaction.


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