Yahoo Serious sighted?

On a lighter note apart from all the death on my front page at the moment, you may have heard (I hope!) the interview I did with Richard from the Wasting Time podcast which is Erk Pod episodes 77 & 78.

As a part of a series of questions about Australia, Richard asked me about who we Aussies preferred as an actor out of Paul Hogan, Mel Gibson, Mark “Jacko” Jackson and Yahoo Serious. Needless to say, I said Mel Gibson followed by Paul Hogan. I also mentioned that I hadn’t seen or heard a lot from Yahoo Serious since the movie “Young Einstein” and the sequel.

After hearing the Heath Ledger news, I read the Terrorgraph which at the time was a Ledger free zone because the news broke after the paper was published. I looked in the gossip column that I call “Sydney Not-So Confidential” (after all, if it is in the newspaper, it isn’t confidential!) looking for an unfortunate Ledger sighting and then I looked at a section where people SMS in and say where they have seen various people. I used Nicole Kidman getting a coffee as an example of this when talking to Richard.

So it was quite ironic to see in today’s edition of Sydney Not-So Confidential that there was a Yahoo Serious sighting. Doubly ironically, he was seen riding a mountain bike at my local train station!

* goes off to Google Yahoo Serious and do a White Pages search*



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2 responses to “Yahoo Serious sighted?

  1. He was looking for you at your station. He wants to discuss being named third!

    At least he’s not in the papers for being drunk or on drugs like the other Hollywood crud. Even though I usually don’t like hearing about who got a cup a coffee, I can make an exception for him. He’s cool. Now we just need to find out what Colin Hay is up to.

  2. If Mr Serious reads this, feel free to make contact and tell us what you’ve been up to!

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