In case of Emergency, who ya gonna call?

There’s an emergency. Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters? Batman?

I said that I wasn’t going to talk much about the death of Heath Ledger but one thing that I read about it today angered me. There are reports that the people who found Heath Ledger in his room decided for whatever reason not to make the first phone call to 911 but to one of the Olsen twins in California. I’m not sure why the Olsen twins got the call. Indeed, it appears as though there were 2 such phone calls made before 911 was called. Obviously I am not sure if a prompt call to 911 would have made a difference in this case but it could not hurt.

Maybe it is my Emergency Services background coming to the fore here but if there is an emergency of any sort, call 911 (or whatever your local number is) FIRST before you call anyone else. In most situations, seconds and minutes count and they could be the difference between the situation becoming much worse.

Obviously people in emergency situations often do not think clearly but please, call the Emergency Services and give them the chance to do their jobs.


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