New to Podcasting?

Are you new to podcasting as either a listener or a podcaster? If you are nodding or putting your hand up in the air, a new website from Raw Voice is for you. The Raw Voice team share their tips and ideas to help you increase your knowledge but also you can contribute as well. As other podcasters will know, you learn a lot by trial and error, reading books and the interweb and listening to podcasts. This site Podcast FAQ will become an important reference point for podcasters and those listeners who want to know more. Unlike radio and TV, there is a great community of podcasters out there and many of them are more than happy to help other podcasters out. This is a good reflection of the podcasting community.

Podcast FAQ

If you are a podcaster looking to join a community of podcasters and listeners which is growing by the day, you can join Blubrry which is another Raw Voice project. Blubrry is also a great community for podcast listeners to visit because unlike a certain 800kg gorilla of the scene, Blubrry has a 90 day newness policy so if you are after content that is fresh, run (don’t walk!) to Blubrry.

Erk is a very happy member of Blubrry.


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