Diva Digest

In today’s Erk Pod Mini I talked a little about a blog called Diva Digest. I found out about it in yesterday’s Sydney edition of the Mx newspaper, the free paper that gets handed out to afternoon commuters.

The page 2 story and photos shows Emma Kilkeary who used to work for the Austereo media company, Australia’s top radio network. According to the article, she used to send around what sounds like a typical corporate newsletter. Indeed there is one where I work called “What’s News” that I call “What’s Propaganda” produced on a weekly basis. Also, there is a quarterly version called “On Track” that I call “Off The Rails”. So I can understand that there isn’t a lot of room for being out there and interesting in a corporate newsletter.

Then according to the article, Emma started putting celebrity gossip in the newsletter and people started reading it and giving her feedback. Some people said that they didn’t read women’s celebrity magazines any more but only read her newsletter. After this, she quit her job in December and started the blog Diva Digest.

I commend any one who has the guts to leave their day job to start something new. However, I don’t see how people can just write one blog and be able to live off that. I can understand doing the blog around work time. I do three podcasts and this blog and I still work a full time job, do volunteer work etc. I can understand people who run new media companies like Cameron Reilly (The Podcast Network) and Todd Cochrane (Raw Voice) leaving a full time job because what they are doing now would probably be the equal of 2 or 3 full time jobs. They aren’t just doing one podcast or one blog and that is it. They are lucky to be in a position to be able to do it but they do it through hard work. I just don’t see how you could make money off just one blog and that’s it!


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