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Erk Zooms Up the iTunes Chart

I’ve just been looking at the Australian iTunes chart for Personal Journals. Erk Pod Mini is sitting in position 32 at the moment and Erk Pod is sitting at position 33.  WOO HOO! Despite the fact that February is a shorter month, Erk Pod and Erk Pod Mini on Podshow are both ahead of January’s figure which is continuing the upwards trend.

Thank you to everyone who listens and/or contributes to Erk Pod and thanks to everyone who is “spreading the love!”


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Erk Pod Mini 58 – Show Notes. Friday 29 February 2008.

Welcome to the leap day edition of Erk Pod Mini. In this episode:

  • Happy Leap Day and Happy Birthday to JJ. Happy anniversary to Leigh & Amanda as well. Knowing Leigh the Voice Over Guy he won’t hear this until April anyway but enjoy your weekend.
  • Erk Pod Mini yesterday was a bit screwy but I’ll explain that in the episode. Tonight’s ep is recorded in stereo.
  • Erk Pod episode 89 is tabled to be recorded on Monday. I am getting cables made so 4 mics can run off my large mixer.

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Today’s the day to be leaping around!

Today’s the day that I forgot existed late last year while recording an episode of Erk Pod with Drue. It’s the day that happens once every four years, the 29th of February. It’s a leap year! I’ve heard that it is the one day that women are “allowed” to propose marriage to the bloke instead of being the other way around.

It’s also a special day for some people I know. It’s JJ’s birthday and it is the anniversary of Mr & Mrs Voice Over Guy as well. One wonders if Leigh the Voice Over Guy planned it that way on purpose so he’d never forget or he’d only have to do the anniversary thing once every 4 years!

I joked that on this day there will be no Erk Pod Mini and that I could take the day off if I want to, because after all, it’s my podcast! But no, later today it will be done!

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Erk Pod Mini 57 – Show Notes. Thursday 28 February 2008.

Welcome to Erk Pod Mini for Thursday 28 February 2008. In this episode:

  • Erk tries stereo
  • Happy birthday to Erk’s mum
  • Next Erk Pod episode will be #89 on Monday arvo. BJ might be joining us.
  • Erk did a new version of the Facebook Friend Wheel

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New Facebook Friends Wheel, Erk Style…..

On Facebook, there is an application called “Friend Wheel”. It shows you how your friends know each other. If Person A is friends with Person B, they’ll have a line between the two names. If only Person B knows Person C, there will be a line B > C. This doesn’t say how I know each person, though.

So I thought I’d use another way to do the Friends Wheel. Based on the normal Wheel, I have drawn different lines from each person to me. It is all about me, isn’t it? Each line shows a different relationship base based on how I mainly know each other. In my example:

  • Blue – Work
  • Red – Rural Fire Service & Emergency Services
  • Green – interweb & podcasting
  • Pink – friend or partner of a friend, often a friend in their own right as well.

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Next episode of Erk Pod (89) being recorded on Monday

At the moment, Erk and Drue are aiming to record the next episode of Erk Pod on Monday afternoon. We may be joined in the Erk Pod studio by Erk Pod Round Table 2 guest BJ. If he does come, I have asked him to bring his Mac for a look-see and I’ve sworn to protect him from Squeak :P

It has been a couple of weeks since Erk Pod Round Table 2 but I thought it best not to record a full length episode while sick.

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Proposed New Voice Recorder

I am seriously thinking of getting this digital voice recorder. It will work with my current XLR mics. It allows the user to use 2 XLR mics attached. It will allow me to take Erk Pod on the road or record an episode without a mixer. It looks pretty sweet! The best non eBay price I have seen is $439.

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