Announcement – Erk Pod Round Table Episodes

As a way to challenge myself and to have various people on my podcast at once, I decided to do an episode type that I’ve called “Erk Pod Round Table” despite the fact that Drue’s table that we normally podcast from is rectangular. The first recording of the Erk Pod Round Table was recorded on Friday 25 January featuring Erk, Drue, Squeak, Tom & Leigh the Voice Over Guy. This became Erk Pod episodes 80, 81 & 82. It was a tech & gaming based episode and it was a lot of fun.

Seeing as though we enjoyed it so much, I decided to make it a monthly event. Drue & I am aiming for a Round Table episode for the last weekend of each month, work schedules permitting. Of course I’ll keep you updated via this site about when it is on, who will be involved and how it will be recorded. It will not always be tech related.

It will either be recorded:

  • via a Skype conference call with some people on Skype and around the mixer
  • via Talkshoe (pending more testing) where everyone calls into Talkshoe. A lot more people can participate this way.
  • Using a Digital Voice Recorder.

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