Looking at the stats……

I have just had a look at the stats on Podshow. Considering that at Podshow World, it hasn’t clicked over to February 1 yet, the stats still make for amazing reading. Of course, I will wait for the final stats for the month but here are some early figures from right now.

  • Erk Pod up from 279 in December 2007 to 420 in January 2008. That is a 51% increase in a month! Outstanding!
  • Erk Pod Mini’s first episode (apart from promos and intro episode 0) was on 1 January and it has gone from 18 at the end of December to 416. That is an increase of 1056%! Obviously I’d be happy if this was the case every month but that is overly optimistic!

Thank you to Drue for being my co-host. Thank you to my guests over the last month OG, Kram, Richard, Squeak, Tom & Leigh the Voice Over Guy. And a BIG thank you to all the listeners of Erk Pod. Feel free to say hi and introduce yourself in the comments on the site under any post, via email (erkpod@gmail.com) or by joining the Erk Pod Facebook Group (click on the Facebook icon).


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