What is peeing me off today!

Sometimes things pee me off. Today’s short list includes:

  • Super duper early mornings. That should go without saying.
  • Supervisors/Managers who don’t get to the point when they want to ask you a question because they think you’ve done something wrong
  • Supervisors/Managers who you never hear from until they think you’ve done something wrong. If someone does wrong by you or you do the right thing, do you hear from them?
  • Co-workers who you can’t stand who want to talk to you while you are trying to go to the toilet.
  • Seeing an incident on a TV show and then doing the whole “this is what happened before the incident” thing
  • Wanting to talk to a co-worker and only having a short turnaround (or they have a train to catch) but when I don’t want to talk to them, there is plenty of time to talk!
  • The millions of Facebook applications and that I have two “Super Walls”
  • Dealing with a padlock that doesn’t work.
  • The battery life of my N95
  • Pod stats that don’t update
  • Merrick and Rosso (and Nova!), we get it! We get that Kate Richie (who is SO over-rated when it comes to radio) has joined you but do we need to hear it every 5 seconds on the podcast? I shudder to think what the live show is like! Please be funny like you were last year! In my opinion it is not (and never should be) the Merrick and Rosso and Kate show. She doesn’t deserve (and hasn’t earned) equal billing with you blokes!

Despite this, I am actually in a good mood!



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2 responses to “What is peeing me off today!

  1. Very good mini show.
    I get the managers that are called paper tigers. The e-mail a question to the next manager and he adds his 2 cents and then e-mails it down the line until I get it and have to scream at all them to fix an issue.

    Today , a co-worker called me while I was on a lift 25 feet in the air working on a switch in an IDF box. to save space they mounted the network switches on the stores ceiling rafters. I am deathly afraid of heights and he just wanted to talk because he was bored!

    If your referring to Podshow stats, They usually update which seems like every third day. There not real time. I have seen this for a while. Last month I had 72 of the 197 down loads up date on the stats the very last day of January. I know they did not all down load on that day.

  2. Richard, lucky for me they don’t give us email. Otherwise I’d be more frustrated. I usually refer to my supervisors as “Donut Eaters” for obvious reasons. :P

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