Australian Radio Podcast Review, February 2008

It has been about a month since the Australian Radio shows that I listen to have come back on air so I thought it would be a good time to review them compared to last year. Note that I do not listen to these shows “live” so I am only judging them on their podcast.

The Shebang (Triple M, Austereo), Sydney breakfast

  • TIMESLOT: Unchanged
  • IN: Paul Murray (ex Paul Murray Show, Triple M), Anthony Maroon (ex mornings, Triple M)
  • OUT: Drewboy (to Triple M mornings)
  • LENGTH: Show 3 hours, podcast around 40-60 minutes
  • FORMAT: Somewhat similar, some older segments are not on the podcast
  • 07 SAMENESS: Marty & Fifi are there. Paul Murray is the major new addition.
  • OVERALL: I’m sick of Paul Murray’s various voices. The show is trying to get more serious and less funny.

Spoonman (Triple M, Austereo), late nights

  • TIMESLOT: 1 hour earlier
  • IN: New podcast only podcast recorded after Thursday’s show. Very explicit (but not usually Spoony himself). This show (Right After The Forking Show) is now on a separate feed which is good.
  • OUT: Nil
  • LENGTH: Show 3 hours, podcast 20-40 minutes.
  • FORMAT: On the show itself, Spoony is playing old rock according to the wesbite.
  • 07 SAMENESS: Apart from the new podcast only segment, the same as last year (not that this is a bad thing for this show!)
  • BETTER OR WORSE?: Much the same.
  • OVERALL: If you don’t like swearing etc, don’t get the new feed for the podcast only show. Other than that, Spoony hasn’t changed and we want MORE SPOONMAN on podcasts!

Merrick & Rosso (Nova Sydney, DMG), Sydney breakfast, highlights on other Nova stations

  • TIMESLOT: Unchanged
  • IN: Kate Richie (ex Home & Away)
  • OUT: Sami Lukis (back to BrisVegas)
  • LENGTH: Show 3 hours, podcast around 30 minutes
  • FORMAT: Unchanged
  • 07 SAMENESS: So far, more stunts, more Kate Richie, less Merrick & Rosso
  • BETTER OR WORSE?: It pains me as a M & R fan to say this but it is much worse than last year.
  • OVERALL: On the podcast, we do not need to hear every 5 seconds that Kate Richie has joined the team. Also, officially the show is now the Merrick & Rosso & Kate Richie show. Apart from the fact that Kate has just joined off the TV, she has not earned equal billing and the show name is now long winded. I want M & R to be more funny. It appears from the podcast that they are trying to behave for Kate’s benefit and that’s not them.

Akmal & Cal (Nova drive, DMG)

  • TIMESLOT: Now 3pm – 6pm
  • IN: Jarred the button pusher, Ed Kavalee (ex Triple M’s Get This)
  • OUT: Matt the button pusher
  • LENGTH: Show 3 hours, podcast 20-40 minutes
  • FORMAT: Unchanged from last year
  • 07 SAMENESS: Ed has only just joined the team full time so it needs a bit more time for me to judge this better.
  • BETTER OR WORSE? They seem funnier. Again, too early to tell. Give Ed a bit more time to settle in and then I can judge. I’m glad to hear Ed on air and Akmal and Cal are funny as always. The show is now promoted as “The Wrong Way Home”.
  • OVERALL: Now that there are 3 established stars, do we need a button pusher to talk as well?

Vega Breakfast, Sydney

  • TIMESLOT: Unchanged
  • IN: Nil
  • OUT: Angela Catterns
  • LENGTH: Show 3 hours, podcast 10-20 minutes
  • FORMAT: Unchanged from last year
  • 07 SAMENESS: Exactly the same except there is no Angela.
  • BETTER OR WORSE? Pretty much the same.
  • OVERALL: Due to the short length of the podcast, it is not a must listen on the same day.

The other shows that I listen to (Nova breakfast in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth) haven’t really changed but the podcasts are too short (under 10 minutes in some cases!)



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6 responses to “Australian Radio Podcast Review, February 2008

  1. April Mc

    Have you tried listening to Triple J radio? I like their Hack Daily, which is in essence only a news type show, but they have others that I listen to on occasion!! Good day!

  2. G’day April. Thanks for commenting and your suggestion. When it comes to radio I tend only to listen to the podcasts of networks that I listen to. I haven’t really considered podcasting any JJJ stuff as I don’t listen to them. I will check it out, though!

  3. April Mc

    G’day!! I was looking for more variety to listen to, so thank you for your post!! I love to listen to radio from countries other than the U.S. because I can really get a feel for how other people feel about things in the U.S., and sometimes get more info than U.S. media gives! Plus I keep thinking that I would like to move to Australia!!

  4. April, we’d be happy to have you!

    Unfortunately in terms of podcasting, most Australian stations don’t seem to get it and it is only 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there.

    If you like listening to what we are talking about down under, streaming AM talk back radio might be a good alternative. I suggest or

    Do you listen to my podcast “Erk Pod”?

  5. April Mc

    Thank you so much for the links! I just found your site the other day so I haven’t had a chance to listen to you podcast, but I have subscribed!! Have a great day!!

  6. April, feel free to have a look around the website. Feel free to comment where ever you would like to.

    Remember that Erk Pod (weekly) and Erk Pod Mini (5 minute daily) are on separate feeds.

    We’ll have to talk elsewhere about your wish to come here – feel free to email me with any comments or questions you have.

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