“Get This” Update

Long time listeners to Erk Pod would know that I am a fan of comedy such as Triple M radio program “Get This” that got punted last year. Now the new radio year has started, I can give you an update about what has happened to the team over summer. Also, I have joined a “Get This” group on Facebook (thanks Broady for the heads up).

Ed Kavalee filled in on Nova for Cal Wilson on the drive show when she was getting married. Now Ed is an official member of the team and his name is a part of the promo for the shows along with Cal & Akmal.

Richard Marsland is now paneling and anchoring the Triple M breakfast show in Melbourne with Peter Berner and Myf Warhurst. Unlike Ed, Richard is not named in the name of the show nor is he named as a part of the team (yet!) on the Triple M website. How did I find this out living in Sydney? Well, last week Spoonman (Triple M late nights) said that Richard was doing the breakfast shift and had asked Spoony for permission to do a Spoonman parody.

According to the Global Movement to Save Get This Facebook Group, it is believed that “Get This” host Tony Martin is writing a book.


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