Valentine’s Day, Erk Style

Today is Valentine’s Day as I keep hearing. People in shops are even wishing each other “Happy Valentine’s Day” – there’s nothing happy about it for me when it comes to love and romance, that’s for sure!

If it is a day where I am involved in a relationship, it is a good day for me. If not (as usually has been the case), it isn’t a good day. My plan was to avoid the shops and anywhere where people might be having fun. Well, I failed badly. It is lucky though that I am not working (second year in a row, actually!). Speaking of work, it is my 14 year anniversary of me getting a job on the railway for what was supposed to be 6 months only. 13 and a half years later and I’m still here!

I went with my mum to pick out a new washing machine for her. The shop was full of women. Next stop, the pub for lunch. The pub was done up with hearts and flowers. Mum decided to sit at a table with flowers and hearts on it because she likes flowers. She could have thought of me and how I feel about the day and chose to sit at a clean table. But no…………

I had to go to the post office to fax a form with a copy of my ID to my email host. The post office don’t do photocopies so I had to go to Officeworks. And of course, it couldn’t be easy there, either. I had to get a stored value card to work the photocopier. Then back to the post office to fax two pages off where I had to fill in a 1 page form so they could fax 2 pages off to Melbourne! Nothing simple, is there?

We went for a drive after lunch and ended up at Richmond’s version of Westiefield, filled with women. It was there that I found out the good news about Leigh the Voice Over Guy’s new job. Well done, mate! Of course, the shops were cashing in on an unofficial public holiday and another way to extract cash from the wallets and purses of their customers.


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