I’m A Knight!

On Facebook at least, I’m a Knight in shining armour. I am playing a game called Knighthood. The idea of the game is to build your kingdom and your army. Then you can go and attack other people’s armies. Of course if you can attack, you can be attacked!

At the moment I am concentrating on making my properties bigger and better. And unlike the real thing, I don’t need to worry about being killed and expending energy!

One thing I have noticed is how passionate players of this game can get. The game is in beta mode and can be changed or upgraded at any time. The game was taken offline last night my time in order for the game to be improved and people were going off their heads in the Knighthood discussion board. One of the things that people commented on was that there was no notice about the game being taken offline. People responded with comments like “there was 10 minutes notice on the discussion board” and that was rebutted with the classic “well, I was actually playing the game instead of talking about it on the discussion board.” TouchĂ©!

My computer is providing a great distraction during my illness at the moment. Speaking of distractions, I am 30 minutes away from the TV coverage of the first V8 Supercar race for the year commencing in Adelaide.


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