New Facebook Friends Wheel, Erk Style…..

On Facebook, there is an application called “Friend Wheel”. It shows you how your friends know each other. If Person A is friends with Person B, they’ll have a line between the two names. If only Person B knows Person C, there will be a line B > C. This doesn’t say how I know each person, though.

So I thought I’d use another way to do the Friends Wheel. Based on the normal Wheel, I have drawn different lines from each person to me. It is all about me, isn’t it? Each line shows a different relationship base based on how I mainly know each other. In my example:

  • Blue – Work
  • Red – Rural Fire Service & Emergency Services
  • Green – interweb & podcasting
  • Pink – friend or partner of a friend, often a friend in their own right as well.

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