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Erk & Erk Pod featured on the MedicCast podcast

A few weeks ago, I conducted an interview with Jamie the Podmedic who is the host of the MedicCast podcast. The MedicCast is designed for people involved in pre-hospital medical care including Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s), Paramedics and more.  Jamie is based in the US but has a world wide audience which led to two interviews being conducted between us.

The first interview was Jamie interviewing me for the MedicCast where I talk a little about my role in the NSW Rural Fire Service as a volunteer Communications Supervisor. In the US, Fire and Ambulance (EMS) can be combined in the same service throughout the country ranging from large well known service like the FDNY as well as local volunteer services such as Jamie’s where he is a volunteer EMT. However here is Australia, the Fire and EMS (Ambulance) services are usually separate and this was of interest to Jamie. This interview is featured in the current episode of the MedicCast (episode 111) and is available here. Also, Jamie promotes Erk Pod as the link of the week. I am hoping to have access to this audio courtesy of Jamie for my listeners and if this is the case, that will be Erk Pod episode 83. The majority of this interview is based on my NSW experience but is similar to other Australian states.

After Jamie interviewed me for his show, I interviewed him for Erk Pod. This is a longer interview where we talk about podcasting and a lot more behind the scenes info about Jamie’s Emergency Services experiences. This features as Erk Pod episode 84.

Once again, thank you to Jamie for his time and I also enjoyed speaking with him. I look forward to hearing any feedback from MedicCast listeners. If you are a MedicCast listener visiting Erk Pod for the first time, “G’day and welcome!”


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Erk Pod Mini 88 – Sunday 30 March 2008

Welcome to Erk Pod Mini for Sunday 30 March 2008. In this episode, Erk reports on:

  • High School Reunion via email
  • An afternoon of fire
  • Erk Pod Round Table 3 aftermath and progress
  • Who got more sleep, Erk or Richard? Play Sleep Deprived Bingo now
  • Drue’s not brought to you by KFC

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Erk Pod Mini 87 – Show Notes. Saturday 29 March 2008

Welcome to Erk Pod Mini for Saturday 29 March 2008. This is a review of Erk Pod Round Table 3. This episode is brought to you by Leigh the Voice Over Guy! :)


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Erk Pod’s Massive Round Table 3 – Show Notes (More Audio Coming Soon)

Above – This is not Nathan with his EEE PC!


Welcome to the show notes for Erk Pod Round Table 3. Erk Pod Round Table is a monthly recording of Erk Pod with guests in the studio and via Skype. Topics in this session were wide and varied compared to the first 2 Round Tables that had a tech/gaming/computer slant. Thank you to everyone who took part in the discussion throughout the recording. It was a lot of fun! Thank you to Drue, Richard & Pat for their assistance in relation to the audio post production.

Erk Pod Round Table 3

  • Date: Saturday 29 March 2008
  • Commenced approx 3.20pm Sydney time & concluded at 8.45pm.
  • This will be split into various episodes
  • The recording was also streamed on UStream as a trial and it appeared to work well.


  • Erk & Drue


  • Leigh the Voice Over Guy (Round Table 1, Erk’s Voice Over Guy)
  • Nath (Round Table 2)
  • BJ (Round Table 2, episode 89)
  • Rodney Farva (Erk Pod debut)
  • Pete the Workie (Erk Pod debut)
  • Mr Westinghouse (Erk Pod debut)
  • EOPS Dude (Erk Pod debut)
  • Richard, host of the Wasting Time podcast (Erk Pod interview episodes 77/78, Round Table 2)
  • Natalie, author of The Bruising Adventures of Girl Clumsy blog (Erk Pod debut)

Topics that were discussed included but not limited to:

  • Stupid criminals
  • Sport
  • Commuting and Work
  • TV
  • Media coverage
  • Behind the scenes of radio
  • Law & Order
  • Missing Persons
  • Environment
  • Podcasting
  • Very very little tech although sometimes it was very close to the line in the sand

Articles sourced from various News Limited publications plus the interweb.


Welcome to part 1 of Erk Pod Round Table 3 held at the Erk Pod Studio on Saturday 29 March 2008. Thank you to all the guests via Skype. In part 1:

  • Duration: 48 minutes
  • Hosts: Erk & Drue
  • Part 1 Guests: Nath, EOPS Dude (both briefly), Pete the Workie, BJ, Richard (host of the Wasting Time podcast)
  • As a trial, video and audio was also being streamed live via uStream. We started recording the stream before the main recording so “it is what it is” but for most of it, it is Erk sitting in front of the camera. I have taken the recorded stream for a while until I figure out what I am going to do with it.

Topics included:

  • Introductions
  • Pete the Workie goes shopping live on Erk Pod but not before getting outpaced by a motorised wheelchair
  • Shiftwork study tells us what we already know
  • Dumb criminal in Chicago was prepared to wait for the boss of the place he was going to rob
  • Richard had an Australian story for us but it turns out that it was a guy in New Zealand. Erk & Drue therefore stole Richard’s story without anyone knowing about it
  • TSA Bob tells us about a Macbook Air (watch the You Tube video below) and security processes and we compare airport security in Australia & the US

Above – Blogger Bob from the TSA

Above – Here’s a photo of a guy (not the one in the New Zealand story) posing with a wombat. This will give Richard an idea of the size that a wombat can grow to and how it compares to a human.


Welcome to part 2 of Erk Pod Round Table 3 that was held on Saturday 29 March 2008. Thank you to all of our guests who appeared throughout the afternoon/night.

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Hosts: Erk & Drue
  • Guests: Richard, BJ, Mr Westinghouse

Topics in this part included:

  • More TSA Blogger Bob & airport security
  • Speed cameras and automatic vehicle ID
  • Speeding
  • Introduction to Newcastle
  • Commuting
  • Australia’s Longest Commute?
  • Man gets caught in a car that was his own but came up stolen
  • Girl has a car crash in her mother’s car
  • Plastic Jesus and Dancing Elvis
  • Australian Gladiators
  • National Bingo Night and the “No Bingo” Guy (see You Tube video)
  • Is “No Bingo Guy” going to visit Richard?

The “No Bingo” Guy from Australia’s Biggest Night of Bingo (or whatever it was called)

Above – the setup

Above – Drue

Above – Leigh the Voice Over Guy

Above – Erk

Above – Drue (left) & Leigh the Voice Over Guy (right)

Above – Erk and his new message board.


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Erk Pod Round Table 3 – Live (I hope!)



Erk Pod Round Table 3 is the March edition of the Round Table concept. Erk and Drue get together a group of people both in the Erk Pod Studio and via the interweb to talk about various issues. Erk Pod Round Table 3 will commence at 3pm Sydney time on Saturday 29 March 2008.

As an experiment, I will try streaming live audio on Ustream. When it is live, click on the player below to hear us live after the start of the broadcast at 3pm!

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Erk Pod Mini 86 – Show Notes. Friday 28 March 2008

Welcome to Erk Pod Mini for Friday 28 March 2008. In this episode:

  • Erk Pod Round Table 3 coming after Erk wakes up on Saturday
  • 15 minutes at Lidcombee – Safety Pins, Deaf People and hitting the Jackpot with the chip machine, drunks going to Parramatta while Erk is going to the Depot
  • 5 Minutes at Campbelltown – More drunks and more meal in a machine


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Erk Pod Mini 85 – Show Notes. Thursday 27 March 2008

Welcome to Erk Pod Mini for Thursday 27 March 2008. In this episode:

  • The H4 recorder is standing on my desk this time through the input mic. XLR test tomorrow night.
  • Level Crossing Screw Up
  • Erk Pod episode 91 recorded on the way home and now available
  • Erk Pod Round Table 3 is 2 sleeps away on Saturday

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