Erk Pod 89 – Show Notes “Speeding Hawaii Chairs”

Erk Pod episode 89 – 59 minutes [Right click to download]

Welcome to episode 89 of Erk Pod, the first episode recorded since Erk Pod Round Table 2. In this episode Erk & Drue are joined by special guests Squeak and BJ. This time, BJ is in the Erk Pod studio for the first time.

Above – BJ makes his Erk Pod studio debut.
  • In this episode, Erk was wearing his MedicCast t-shirt proudly.
  • Hawaii Chairs – see the Hawaii Chair website for demonstration (also look above). We discuss another fitness fad!
  • Top 100 Video Games for 2008 from last week’s Zoo Magazine
  • “When are you old enough?” – Interesting list of ages for various things in the UK. Website
  • The new Corey. Everyone who throws a party is now going to be compared to Corey.
  • Wacky Stories – Bloke goes paragliding with his dog, lady calls emergency services to thread a needle, robbers get ambushed by bikie gang, speed camera gets set on fire.
  • Speed camera discussion – BJ is contesting a speed camera fine and we talk a little about speed cameras.
Above – MedicCast T-shirt (the right way round!) and water bottle
Above – The MedicCast T-shirt around the wrong way!


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4 responses to “Erk Pod 89 – Show Notes “Speeding Hawaii Chairs”

  1. Great show, But how is BJ’s Mac?

  2. BJ

    Hey Richard – my Mac is doing well !! I took it along to the recording and when Erk offered me the power board to in I could say with confidence – “I won’t be needing that…” :-)

    It was a lot of fun doing the episode and seeing how it’s all done.

    Thanks for your advice about those software packages for the Mac too… i had a squiz at some of them and it’s on my to-do list to check them out in more detail when i get a bit more spare time.

    It’s ironic you find stories about the crazy things in Australia (such as dog-eating pythons), while we find crazy stuff about America – like the Hawaii Chair. I gotta get me one of those!

    Keep up the great stuff from your end… lovin it.


  3. Richard, I was very tempted to bring up the whole “how is BJ going with his Mac” story but apart from not wanting the whole episode to be dominated by that, I thought I’d give BJ a bit more time with it. I’m sure we’ll hear how it goes in a couple of weeks or so! I had a look and it was nice – not as big as I thought it would be, though! Not quite the size of my laptop but not quite the size of the Eeeee PC either!

  4. BJ

    Well it is the “baby” of the range of macbooks as far as screen size goes. I just wanted something I could learn the operating system on and also take to work for standby shifts and stuff.

    Oh and an update on my speeding fine. I got a letter from the Federal Police in the ACT advising that since I am disputing the charge, they have no option but to request that a summons be issued and when I get it I will be required to appear at court in the ACT on the date shown on the summons.

    Furthermore – if I enter a Not Guilty plea on the day, I will receive a 2nd summons for a hearing and I will be required to attend court a 2nd time.

    What a hassel for somebody who lives about 600km away !!!

    But they nicely say at the bottom of their letter that I can avoid all this by paying the fine and accepting liability before the hearing date….

    I can’t comment any further on this now because it is now a court matter so my next update will be when it’s all over once I decide what course of action to take.


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