Demo Derby – Inside & Out!

I found these couple of You Tube videos and is fairly typical of the last Demo Derby that I went to recently. Considering that it is You Tube quality and the type of event it is, I am pleasantly surprised about the quality of the in-car stuff!


EDIT: For the info of BJ or anyone else interested, there are 2 Demo Derbies left in the season at Parramatta City Raceway on Saturday 29 March and Saturday 26 April.



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4 responses to “Demo Derby – Inside & Out!

  1. BJ

    Love the Demo Derby stuff!!! Never been to one but it looks like LOTS of fun. Must get there one day.

    I used to go to the truck races a fair bit with a mate…. now that’s something awesome – seeing these huge trucks racing on a racetrack!

  2. BJ, get your backside trackside (if you can) on either 29 March or 26 April. I took Mr & Mrs Voice Over Guy last month and they loved it!

  3. Amanda

    Oi! I’m not Mrs Voice Over Guy yet – I haven’t signed the contract! lol ;-)

    Is the 29th the caravan and dunny derby too??

  4. Amanda, Mrs Squeak hasn’t signed the contract yet either but she’s Mrs Squeak! :P

    The Caravan and Dunny Derby is the April date.

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