Lucky Escape for Airline Passengers

On Saturday March 1, a Lufthansa Airlines A320 Airbus was flying from Munich to Hamburg with 137 passengers on board. There was a massive crosswind blowing and the pilot approached the runway. You can see in the video (seemingly filmed by an aviation enthusiast) that the plane is having problems on the approach and the pilot obviously has his hands full.The plane touches down and the left wing touches the ground. The pilot aborts the landing and takes off again and later lands the plane safety. The plane has been checked and is now back in service. I have seen several versions of the same video on You Tube and in mainstream media. There is even a version with the Benny Hill theme playing on the second half of the clip as it is replayed.

Opinion on the incident seems to be divided between praising the pilot for not crashing and saying that he should not have attempted the landing in those conditions. All I can say is that I’m glad I wasn’t on that flight and I’m glad no one on the plane was hurt. The situation could have been a lot worse.


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