NUDITY ALERT! National Nudity Week in Australia?

It is not often that the final race of the day attracts world wide attention in the small Victorian town of Echuca but thanks to 6 nude guys at the start of the home straight on Sunday…….

These young blokes must have known that the horse races are shown live across the country in clubs, pubs and homes. They are sitting their in the birthday suits giving new meaning to the term “Fashions On The Field”. I found the incident courtesy of the Daily Terrorgraph as did Racing Victoria and the Victoria Police. Both groups are quoted to be “looking into” the incident which needless to say is on YouTube. This is after 2 streakers at the cricket in Brisbane last week, one of whom was knocked to the ground by Australian batsman Andrew Symonds.



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3 responses to “NUDITY ALERT! National Nudity Week in Australia?

  1. BJ

    Good to see the spirit of Aussie larrikinism is alive and well !!

    When are you and Drue going to do an Erk Pod Nude episode ??? call it Erk Pod Up Late for want of a better name….!

  2. BJ

    Erk Pod Uncut ??? LOL!!!

  3. It’s an audio podcast for a reason, BJ! :P

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