Erk Pod 90 – Show Notes. Planes, Trains, Parties & Small Holes

Erk Pod episode 90 – 73 minutes [Right click to download]

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 90. Erk & Drue is joined by Orange Tim making his Erk Pod debut. In this episode:

  • Tim tells us about where the Ambulance Bay at All Saints General Hospital is
  • Man in Chicago lands plane on golf course
  • American Airlines flies 5 people from Chicago to London in a 777
  • Police find discarded eyeballs at Sydney Airport
  • Streakers at the cricket and the horse races. See vision below.
  • Erk and Drue are NOT nude (looks at BJ)
  • Who the hell is Andrew Gilchrist?
  • Where are the original Australian Gladiators now?
  • More sob stories
  • Sponsorship of Erk Pod?
  • English girl puts Australian party boy Corey to shame
  • Japanese woman could not fit through a small hole. Watch the video below because we didn’t and it turns out that we confused the reporter with the woman in the story that we found originally. It’s in Japanese but you’d get the idea. The video below is a shorter You Tube video.
  • Easter Eggs on Boxing Day. Who cares?
  • What podcasts does Tim listen to?
  • Erk & Drue would like people to contact us!
  • Erk & Drue FM

Sources: Daily Telegraph, Chicago Tribune, The Evening Standard, TV Week, My Big World of Crap


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