Swinging a Remote Controlled Cat at Jaycar

Early on Friday morning I commented about the size of the Jaycar Electronics store at Penrith here. I said that there is not room to swing a remote controlled cat. Before I went to work I decided to get some things and saw that there were signs on the side of the store saying that they are moving to a new store around the corner. Woo hoo!

Then with 30 minutes of trading left, I went to the front of the shop (above photo) and saw that it was closed. I had a look inside the shop and it was pretty empty. Okie dokie, off I go around the corner.

I found the new store and walked in and WOO HOO! The store is a million times bigger. Instead of 2-3 aisles, there is a lot of room in the new store. The above photo only shows a portion (about half) of the new store. This photo alone shows more space than the old store.

I was served and I told the guy that I blogged earlier that day that there wasn’t enough room to swing a remote controlled cat around the old store and then ironically I come here to the news of a new store. He points out that there is now a lot of room to swing around said remote controlled cat. He didn’t try to sell one to me, though. They are still in “new house” mode and it is still being set up. I didn’t have time to have a look around the new shop so I don’t know where everything is (yet!).

This weekend, the old store will be open as a clearance outlet so if you want a bargain on some gadgets and electronic gear, check out the new store on Henry Street at Penrith (behind Aldi) and also the old store (High Street) for clearance items.

Erk Pod is not sponsored by Jaycar but he does enjoy shopping and spending money there!


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