24 Hour Podcast Revisited

Erk was one of several guests during the 24 Hour Podcast hosted by Geek News Central’s Todd Cochrane. Erk’s audio isn’t the best but it is still an interesting chat. This actually was Erk’s first time talking over the interweb or anything else where the person was in an overseas country (in Todd’s case, he was in Hawaii). For more information go to Geek News Central and the official website of the 24 Hour Podcast. In part, the 24 Hour Podcast was to raise money for (and awareness of) the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program.

The final segments of the 24 Hour Podcast are now online completing the series. If you have 24 hours or so to spare you can listen to the entire podcast but while I don’t think you will listen for 24 hours in a row, some people did when it was live. On the latest post of the site, Todd says that he is looking forward to doing another 24 Hour podcast in December this year. Now Todd, you’ve done it once so you can do it probably easier this time! I am presuming that there are some Geek News Central fans that will say that you can go for 36 or 48 hours, mate! I definitely hope to be there in some way, shape or form!

The 24 Hour Podcast ran from 3am Sydney time on Saturday 22 December (6am Hawaii time, Friday) and ended at 3am on Sunday 22 December (6am Hawaii time, Saturday). I listened to some of the segments live but due to other committments (including recording an episode of Erk Pod!), I listened to most of the segments when they were placed on line.

As a result of this podcast, I was inspired to interview people and also to challenge myself. This challenge became Erk Pod Mini. Also, I subscribed to some podcasts:



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2 responses to “24 Hour Podcast Revisited

  1. Todd is a real inspiration to me and so willing to help other podcasters…love the fact we connected, social media really is a wonderful tool to find new friends, learn about new things and connect with people who inspire you x

  2. Anna, you are so right. That one event that Todd hosted was great for so many reasons. I for one look forward to hopefully doing it again this year! Thanks for commenting, again.

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