I love accents. And no, I am not talking about the type of car that Squeak used to own, either! I’m talking about the different accents that people speak around the world. Other languages can be interesting to a person like me who doesn’t speak any other than English. If you’ve listened to an episode or 5 of Erk Pod, you might debate if I can speak English! Some women sound so hot in their accents speaking another language that she could be telling me to fasten my seatbelt for all I know and that’s hot. Indeed, that’s more likely than her saying “Oh Erk, I want you badly!”

Sometimes at work I have to hear people talking in other languages and sometimes they’ll have to use the English word because they can’t think of the same word in their language. Sometimes there is no translation. So you’ll hear “blah blah blah blah Kentucky Fried Chicken blah blah blah Pepsi.”

Anyhoo, the other day I was looking for the naked guys at the races clip on You Tube and saw the video of this lady with a hot accent explaining the meaning of the word boobalcious. Now this video isn’t serious and educational like Grammar Girl but I am guessing that this video will get a lot of views from guys who don’t care if they don’t learn anything. So here’s that video from You Tube.

The next video I found via Twitter after Cameron Reilly posted about it. Here’s a lady impersonating various accents – 21 in fact. They might not be correct but close your eyes and have a listen. Apart from the accents, you may get a laugh towards the end of the video as she tries not to say the same thing the entire time.


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