Spoonman says, Erk says – part 1. Sunday 23 March 2008

As you may be aware, I am a fan of the Spoonman who is on Triple M in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on every weeknight except Friday. I don’t listen to the show but I love listening to the podcast of the show as well as the exclusive podcast only “After the Forking Show” which is not for young or easily offended ears. This podcast only edition is recorded, well, After the Forking Show, after Thursday night’s show.

On the Triple M website, Spoony does some blogging about some of the issues that he talks about on the show. So I thought that I’d write briefly about the issues that Spoony talked about in the previous week. And I’d love your comments! Comment away!

Fish as a pet

“Is a Fish a pet?” – there was a lot of discussion about this on the recent ATFS podcast (ATFS 8). Is a fish a pet or is it an animal that you keep as a prisoner? This is a carry on from the discussion in earlier ATFS episodes and on the radio about Spoony’s girlfriend Forkgirl getting a cat and Spoony doesn’t like cats. Spoony’s argument is that he didn’t buy the cat and he doesn’t do anything with it so it’s not his cat. His sidekicks Garfield and Odie (ironically with pet names) had the theory that if the pet lives in your house, it is your pet. So is a fish a pet or is it a prisoner?

Erk says: I have had fish. I don’t really consider fish to be a pet. After all, what can you do with them? You can pat a dog or a cat. You can take a dog for a walk. Some people sleep with their dog or cat. You can’t take a fish for a walk. You can’t pat it. The most you can do is look at it and feed it. Do you think about your fish except to feed it?

Swearing on TV

Spoony wonders if people have forgotten about where the “off” button is on the TV. If people were so offended by a show, would they watch it? Politicians are about to have another inquiry into swearing on TV but they are prime offenders themselves.

Erk says that he doesn’t watch too much TV anymore. If you are warned about it, it should be fair game. 8.30pm is the traditional start of “adult viewing time” (Erk’s term) and if parents let their kids watch TV after that time it should be their responsibility. If the show is before 8.30pm there should be no F bombs etc but after 8.30pm, put the kids to bed and bomb away. And if there is to be swearing after 8.30pm, let’s hear it rather than “bleep bleepity bleep bleep bleep.” After all, you’ll have to get used to it in the real world with no bleeps.

As an aside, Erk can F bomb with the best however Erk Pod is an F bomb free zone (well, if you only listen to the edited version, not the raw version before editing). Erk doesn’t want to limit the potential audience because with podcasts, people can listen at any time and anywhere.

God Botherers Knocking On Doors

Recently, Spoony had a rant about a certain religious group coming around to his house early on a Saturday morning. Lucky for him he has a security intercom so he does not have to directly answer the door. Is there a reason for God Botherers (or anyone else, for that matter) to come door to door, especially so early on a weekend?

Erk has had some experience with various people knocking on doors. As someone who doesn’t believe in religion or “the man upstairs” either, I don’t have time or want to deal with the JW’s or anyone else going door to door. After all, if I wasn’t a believer last Saturday, what makes you think I’m going to be a believer next Saturday or the Saturday after that? And no, that wasn’t an invitation. I’m a shiftworker with more weird and wonderful hours than Spoony so if I’m asleep, I’m asleep! I’ve got roller shutters and AC so I can make day turn into night quite easily. If I’m in a deep sleep, knock all you want, I won’t hear you. If I’m in a shallow sleep, I’ll try to file it under “this is not happening”. I remember watching a video at work once about fatigue management (HA!) and it said to put a note on your door and to tell your neighbours when you are trying to sleep during the day. HA! I don’t see what is so important other than a Policeman giving you a death message that needs you to knock on my door unless I invite you!


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