Saturday’s Erk Pod Round Table 3 continues to grow………

Erk Pod Round Table 3 continues to grow with more and more people wanting to take part this Saturday. The original plan was for a 5pm kick off. Then there was a lot of demand and Drue also became available earlier so we planned to do a weekly episode first and then the Round Table. But with a lot of demand, I have decided to run 2 sessions of Erk Pod Round Table. There will be the “Early Session” commencing at 3pm Sydney time. The “Late Session” will commence at 5pm Sydney time. There is a massive guest list of people who have said that they are interested in attending subject to last minute confirmation.



  • Erk & Drue


  • Leigh the Voice Over Guy (Round Table 1, Erk’s Voice Over Guy)
  • Squeak (Round Table 1/2, various episodes)
  • Nath (Round Table 2)
  • BJ (Round Table 2, episode 89)
  • Broady (Round Table 2)
  • Orange Tim (episode 90, Round Table Debut)
  • Rodney Farva (Erk Pod debut)
  • Pete the Workie (Erk Pod debut)
  • Eric aka “the other Eric” & “Ek” (Erk Pod debut)
  • Mr Westinghouse (Erk Pod debut)
  • OG, host of the Brains Matter podcast (Erk Pod interview episode 72, Round Table Debut)
  • Richard, host of the Wasting Time podcast (Erk Pod interview episodes 77/78, Round Table 2)
  • Natalie, author of The Bruising Adventures of Girl Clumsy blog (Erk Pod debut)

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