Sea Patrol returns

Next Monday, the second season of Sea Patrol starts on Channel 9. Seemingly buoyed by the success of the first series, the new series promises a new boat and a new attitude. So if you thought last season was good, I’m hoping the new season will be even better! Here’s an international promo that I found for last year’s season on You Tube.



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2 responses to “Sea Patrol returns

  1. Steve

    As an American who has gotten hooked on Sea Patrol I have to say I just laugh at how non-American it is.

    Of course it is non-American as it is made of, by and for Australians, so I wouldn’t expect or want it to be anything but Australian in mentality. And I do appreciate the realism that they approach how the Australian Navy actually does things.

    But what I mean about laughing at how non-American the show is it like you have them go after some ship that they suspect is doing something like I don’t know drug running, running guns, illegal fishing or whatever and they yell out a warning for the ship to stop so it can be boarded. And, then if they are “really” serious they might fire some warning shots 20 meters or so in front of the ship but after that if the ship doesn’t slow down it’s like oh well we have tried, guess that’s all we can do.

    Why would the people on the suspected ship be afraid of some warning shots if they know that the ship won’t take it to the next level? They would know it is a big bluff on the part of the Australian Navy

    At least during the first season when they do board a ship the boarding party didn’t even carry firearms. I found that hilarious.

    Again, I appreciate the realism in how they really respond but if it was the American Navy or Coast Guard we wouldn’t stop at “warning shots”.

    I remember one show where they retreated from boarding an illegal fishing ship just because the crew was throwing stuff at them and pushing them away with sticks.

    Trust me, try that with a US Coast Guard ship and you will get a boatload of bullets.

    And it so often seems that to have drama in the show they have the Navy personnel do some of the dumbest of things. For example when they have civilians on board they give them the run of the ship without any supervision or at the very least don’t watch them as closely as they should.

    I think I enjoy the show just because of the stupidity shown in it. Again, I am glad they do show how the Australian Navy really works, but their “stop or we will yell stop again” attitude just makes the show so damn funny.

  2. Erk

    G’day Steve

    How did you find me and how did you find Sea Patrol?

    While I’m not in the Navy myself, I tend to think that what you have observed is fairly typical of us Aussies. I can believe the political environment that my defence forces work under so it wouldn’t be a case of “shoot first, ask questions later” but more of a case of “please stop” then “please stop” like you’ve observed.

    Another classic example of this is the series COPS that you are probably familiar with. On our CI (Criminal Investigation) cable network, we used to have the American COPS show and then it was followed by a New Zealand version of COPS called “Police 10-7”. Somewhat understandably, the US cops are all hyped up because they are worried at being shot at and worse. Then you get the New Zealand cops that aren’t even armed who just rock up to the side of the car and they are like “hello bro, what’s doing?”. It’s all about the environment that the shows are in.

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