Erk Pod episode 100 is coming soon – your suggestions/input welcomed!

G’day Erk Pod subscribers, G’day Casual Listeners, G’Day Friends. G’day interweb ;)

The most recent episode of Erk Pod with Erk, Drue & Orange Tim was episode 90 so that means that there are under 10 episodes to go until we reach the milestone of 100 episodes. In fact with the Round Table on Saturday, we could be as low as having 5 episodes to go!

Erk has had a hard time deciding which highlights to play for show 100 and Drue had a wonderful idea to let YOU, the Erk Pod listener, decide what those highlights will be.

So what we are looking for is for you to nominate highlights of Erk Pod, your favourite snippets. Or if you can’t nominate a snippet, what is your favourite episode? Who did you enjoy listening to being interviewed or as part of a Round Table?

We haven’t set a date for show 100 yet but if you would like to send an audio comment or phone in during episode 100, feel free to let us know by replying to this message or leaving a comment on the website! We will play highlights that you suggest on show 100!

Erk & Drue


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