My Zoom H4 Recorder has arrived!

My new Zoom H4 recorder has arrived! I had to wait for a few weeks because of a stock shortage but for the price I got it for, I was prepared to wait! Nearly $300 cheaper on the interweb compared to walking into a local store. Thanks to the guys at Sound Corp for an excellent job in keeping me up to date with the progress of the order.

I am planning to record Erk Pod Mini with it after work tonight.



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2 responses to “My Zoom H4 Recorder has arrived!

  1. Very cool, hope it works for you. You will need to give a review. Whats even cooler are the car photos on the wall!

  2. Cheers, Richard. I took all those photos myself.

    The first recording of Erk Pod Mini was good but I could boost the voice volume in post production. It’s an interesting unit that I will write more about shortly with fresh eyes.

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