Erk & Erk Pod featured on the MedicCast podcast

A few weeks ago, I conducted an interview with Jamie the Podmedic who is the host of the MedicCast podcast. The MedicCast is designed for people involved in pre-hospital medical care including Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s), Paramedics and more.  Jamie is based in the US but has a world wide audience which led to two interviews being conducted between us.

The first interview was Jamie interviewing me for the MedicCast where I talk a little about my role in the NSW Rural Fire Service as a volunteer Communications Supervisor. In the US, Fire and Ambulance (EMS) can be combined in the same service throughout the country ranging from large well known service like the FDNY as well as local volunteer services such as Jamie’s where he is a volunteer EMT. However here is Australia, the Fire and EMS (Ambulance) services are usually separate and this was of interest to Jamie. This interview is featured in the current episode of the MedicCast (episode 111) and is available here. Also, Jamie promotes Erk Pod as the link of the week. I am hoping to have access to this audio courtesy of Jamie for my listeners and if this is the case, that will be Erk Pod episode 83. The majority of this interview is based on my NSW experience but is similar to other Australian states.

After Jamie interviewed me for his show, I interviewed him for Erk Pod. This is a longer interview where we talk about podcasting and a lot more behind the scenes info about Jamie’s Emergency Services experiences. This features as Erk Pod episode 84.

Once again, thank you to Jamie for his time and I also enjoyed speaking with him. I look forward to hearing any feedback from MedicCast listeners. If you are a MedicCast listener visiting Erk Pod for the first time, “G’day and welcome!”


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