Wasting Time V Erk Pod Challenge

A few weeks ago, Richard from the Wasting Time podcast and I were talking about how toilets flush in the Northern Hemisphere at his end of the world compared to mine here in Australia. Today I wake up to the news that he has filmed his toilet flush and put the video on his site. The challenge has been thrown to us here at Erk Pod to do the same. Richard’s video can be seen here. So stay tuned here as I film it with my N95 and try to work out how to put it up here.

Apart from on his podcast, you can also hear Richard on Erk Pod on Round Tables 2 & 3 and an extended chat on episodes 77 & 78.

EDIT: I have two toilets at home. One is newer but full of Blue-loo and the other is my original toilet that is on my back veranda. It used to be my only toilet and the veranda was not covered in. The light is not good because there is no light but I gave it a go anyway. I will get a shot at work tonight in better lighting.

Here’s my first ever upload to You Tube with my N95 unedited!

EDIT EDIT: After shooting the video, I went through my phone settings and found that I was recording in streaming quality. I mean, seriously, Scoble has a N95 and he does videos from it I believe so I must be able to do better quality than streaming. The next video is a lot better! I’m no Steven Speilberg but then again, it’s not a multi million dollar epic either, just a couple of guys having some fun!

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Needs more light inside but video quality is a lot better! Stay tuned later on for more toilet action with better lighting!


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