Shout out to The Podcast Sisters!

Another podcast that I listen to is The Podcast Sisters. I originally heard of the podcast after being introduced to Anna’s podcast The Engaging Brand on the 24 Hour Podcast late last year. The Podcast Sisters podcast is hosted by Anna, Heather & Krishna. The show aims to educate the non geek in terms they can understand about the interweb, Web 2.0, social networking and podcasting.

At the end of February I posted a message to the hosts on their Facebook Group and at the start of episode 45, I was given a shout out and also my questions were well answered. Also, you will hear Heather’s attempt at an Australian accent – it’s always entertaining to hear people from other countries try it! Despite Anna giving me a heads up on Twitter while I was listening to TWiT, I have heard worse attempts at the accent and I don’t think that they should stamp Heather’s passport with “DO NOT ALLOW THIS WOMAN TO ENTER AUSTRALIA” just yet!

If you think that you have to be a woman or a sister to listen to this podcast, you would be very wrong! If you don’t understand things like Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter or Skype, listen to The Podcast Sisters and they will steer you in the right direction!



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2 responses to “Shout out to The Podcast Sisters!

  1. Don’t tell her that…she will try more accents!!! Funny how through Twitter, podcasting, blogging….people seem more than connections..and much more mates! Thanks for the shout out….and no doubt will tweet soon! Your UK mate Anna

  2. No worries, Anna. I’m always happy to give you a shout out and a plug! The interweb is a strange place sometimes but when you engage with quality people, it sure makes up for the rest!

    Enjoy NYC!

    I love accents, even impersonations of them! ;)

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