Daylight Savings Confusion

Above – This sign at Erk’s work is typical of Daylight Saving (or Summer Time) confusion. Yes, you put your clock back one hour this weekend but it is the end of Daylight Savings, not the start.

There was a lot of confusion last weekend which is the traditional end of Summer Time in Australia. Traditionally, Daylight Savings used to start at the start of October in Tasmania, the end of October in NSW, ACT, Victoria, South Australia. For years, Western Australia did not observe Daylight Savings either but the state is in the middle of a 3 year trial with a vote to follow to decide if this becomes permanent. However, Queensland and the Northern Territory do not observe Summer Time.

Last year, it was decided for those East Coast states that observe Daylight Savings that they will extend Summer Time one week. Instead of the traditional end at the last weekend of March, it is now the first week in April. From 2008, Daylight Savings will commence on the first Sunday in October to the first Sunday in April.

There was confusion last weekend because some watches, clocks and timekeeping systems went backwards one week early as they were following the normal procedure. Some were OK and I know of at least one clock that went forward instead of going backwards.

If it is 12:00 in Brisbane (Eastern Standard Time, GMT +10), it is the following times elsewhere in Australia during Daylight Savings/Summer Time:

  • 1200 – Queensland (Eastern Standard Time)
  • 1300 – NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania (Eastern Daylight Savings Time)
  • 1230 – South Australia (Central Daylight Savings Time)
  • 1130 – Northern Territory (Central Standard Time)
  • 1100 – Western Australia (Western Daylight Savings Time)

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