Erk Pod Mini 93 – Show Notes. Friday 04 April 2008

Welcome to Erk Pod Mini for Friday 04 April 2008. In this episode:

  • 4/4/08. It doesn’t matter if you are American or Australian, you can’t get this date mixed up!
  • The all new Erk Pod Shop is open for business. There is a range of merchandise including clothing (men, women, kids, babies), mugs, calendars, coffee mugs, clocks, cards, stickers, magnets & more. Go to the Erk Pod website and click on Shop.
  • Thanks to Leigh the Voice Over Guy for the bread delivery and thanks to Mrs Amanda Voice Over Guy for making the sandwich. Thanks, muchly!
  • Nice trip on the slow train to Campbelltown and a swEEt run back to the Depot.
  • I am hoping to have the remaining Round Table episodes up this weekend plus work on the audio problems from last weekend. Also I hope to be able to record an Erk Pod episode as well.



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2 responses to “Erk Pod Mini 93 – Show Notes. Friday 04 April 2008

  1. BJ

    I just bought an Erk Pod large mug.

    I will arrange to have it blessed by the Pope on his upcoming visit to Sydney and so it shall be the Papal Erk Pod Mug. It will be full and overflowing… and BJ will say “It is good. Go forth and multiply so we may populate the world with the joys of Erk Pod mechandise…”


  2. Let me know when it arrives, BJ!

    I can’t wait for people to hear my Pope gear on the Round Table. And unlike certain TV comedians, I don’t have a team of writers (or monkeys!) writing for me! :)

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