How to lose your job as an interviewer

BJ sent me a link to a couple of YouTube videos saying that this would be the perfect way to lose your job as a presenter. He also said that it would never happen on Erk Pod! I hope it never does! Watch the video first. Note – it isn’t exactly the same video that BJ sent me but it has better subtitles which is required because the show is not in English.

Wikipedia says about the clip:

A shortened version of the “Boemerang” sketch from the show gained popularity on YouTube. It features a presenter of a serious talk show breaking into fits of giggles after hearing the voice of one of his guests, who spoke in a squeaky manner due to a failed tonsilectomy. The clip is often mistaken for being real, and was showcased on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Star Channel news as being so.

The next clip from BJ is of a newsreader, quite frankly, f**king up! These things happen!


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