National Rugby League – Super Saturday!

My mum suggested to me that I get on the cans with the boys after my not-so-good week but I’ve decided to watch the NRL (National Rugby League) Super Saturday with 3 games live in a row on Foxtel. I don’t always get a chance to do this so bring it! It also doesn’t happen where every game is live but due to the different time zone in Queensland tonight (daylight savings ends early tomorrow morning), it is possible because 2 of the games are in Queensland.

Now I don’t know if our mate Richard has seen rugby league but think of NFL without all the stoppages and all the padding and the fact that you don’t need a defence team, an offence team and a special team.

Here’s a clip celebrating 100 years of rugby league in Australia. This ad merges old and new footage very well so you get a sense of the history of the game. There is also a “behind the scenes” video below.

And here’s what has been said as the try (Richard, think touchdown, except simply getting over the line isn’t good enough, you have to ground the ball) of the year so far. And think about this, the try scorer was making his debut at the top level! Super catch and super try, that!


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