Erk Pod 97 – Show Notes. “Erk’s Super Saturday Part 1”

Above – short video filmed before the episode

Erk Pod episode 97 – 64 minutes [Right click to download]

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 97 with Erk, Drue & special guest Orange Tim. It is Orange Tim’s first episode in the Erk Pod Studio.

In this episode:

  • Drue’s warmed up and focused
  • There is a short video that Erk shot before the episode
  • Super Saturday of Sport became Super Saturday of Podcasting
  • Welcome Orange Tim to the Erk Pod Studio for the first time today
  • Why Erk likes the Erk Pod Studio
  • Erk Pod Round Table 3 debrief & After the Forking Round Table
  • Erk Pod Shop
  • Woman crashes into water and man crashes into wall
  • The Breathalyser 5000 makes a return
  • Firefighters fined for speeding
  • Doctors want a life
  • Couples to sign a contract prior to sex (actually appears on episode 98)
  • Spoonman Uncut (After the Forking Show)
  • Sharing the podcast love with Wasting Time, Hyper Nonsense, MedicCast & Geek News Central
  • Erk on the MedicCast this week, episode 111.
  • Tim tells us how he found the MedicCast and his upcoming interviews with Jamie.
  • Drue sidenotes that there are very few railway podcasts & Erk tells some stories
  • Daylight Savings confusion, including Erk & Drue
  • Todd’s April Fools prank on Geek News Central got Erk! You got me good, Todd! We speak to Todd (sort of!) and he explains the aftermath of the joke!

Above – Drue reading an article during the episode

Above – Orange Tim during episode 97. He is wearing an orange shirt!

Sources: News Limited, Yahoo News, Spoonman Uncut



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6 responses to “Erk Pod 97 – Show Notes. “Erk’s Super Saturday Part 1”

  1. Very cool. The main thing is that it is portable and still sounds great. You also have a guitar hero setup for guests and co-hosts, very cool. But, A true Guitar hero god would have waved while shredding.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. G’day Richard

    I can’t claim the credit for providing the GH or the big ass TV but I did introduce the group to GH. When Drue gets going he stands there pretty much like he is in the video but is very accurate getting 80% and above on medium, hard and expert. Me? I put on a show but I suck. There’s another video in itself! :P

    I do wish I can leave it set up but considering it’s Drue’s dining table, we can’t. And I can’t swing a cat here (apart from the fact I don’t have a cat!)

  3. druey

    He didn’t start filiming until I got to the harder part. Curses! ;)

  4. Erk and Drue on a GH showdown. I’ll go on the side of entertainment and being a rockstar and I’ll let Drue be Mr Accuracy and play good music! :)

  5. Thanks for playing our promo, Erk. We’ll return the favor soon. (We’ve got one promo to play before yours, as we’re playing them in the order we’ve received them.)

  6. G’day Shawno, I am sure I can find something to occupy myself with while I wait for you to play one of my promos. Can’t wait to hear which one you choose! Cheers, mate! :)

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