New Look Site, New Name for Weekly Episodes

Do you like the new site?

I wasn’t going to change the look of the site but I was looking around at various themes and I liked this one! As a part of the change, I am also going to change the name of the weekly Erk Pod episodes to “Erk Pod Maxi”. The parent will still be Erk Pod and most people who are probably talking about Erk Pod would mean Erk Pod Maxi. Erk Pod Maxi goes with Erk Pod Mini (Erk’s daily 5 minute podcast) and Erk Pod Round Table (Erk’s monthly panel show spread over several Erk Pod episodes). Of course when I started Erk Pod, there was no Erk Pod Mini or Round Table. But as the podcast has grown within the shadow of 100 episodes of Erk Pod Maxi and I’ve changed the look of the site, I thought that the show’s name should be adjusted. Of course, if YOU want to keep calling Erk Pod Maxi “Erk Pod”, go right ahead!

I can’t claim credit for the “Erk Pod Maxi” name, though. Long time listener and now guest BJ came up with the name when comparing Erk Pod Mini and the weekly Erk Pod episodes. I thought that I could call the episodes Erk Pod Weekly but we might not be exactly weekly.



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4 responses to “New Look Site, New Name for Weekly Episodes

  1. druey

    Erk Pod – No Salad, No Sauce, No Decorations sounds better.

  2. Hey Drue, you don’t win friends with salad, you don’t win friends with salad, you don’t win friends with salad! ;)

    Definitely a promo in it, though! ;)

  3. BJ

    I wonder if “Round Table” should also be separated from Maxi ? So you’d have Maxi, Mini, Round Table, Diary Room, etc..

    Erk Pod would be the collective name for all the various flavours of Erk.

    Re the new site design… getting used to it but I really thought the last one was your best one of all time, but this one might grow on me too.

  4. That thought did cross my mind, BJ. But having said that, if you’ve subscribed to Erk Pod Maxi you are used to downloading/listening to around an hour’s content.

    Anyone else got any thoughts?

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