Note to Mr Peanut for the end of Summer Time

From the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot files (with apologies to Tee Morris from The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy podcast):

As Australians will know, Daylight Savings ended on the weekend and we got an extra hour’s sleep despite Erk’s confusion in episode 97 of Erk Pod Maxi. I think where I was coming from on that one in my head was that if you are at work when it happens, 3am becomes 2am so that is an extra hour at work?

Anyhoo, I was reading the tree based edition of the Daily Terrorgraph yesterday and I saw a letter from a man whinging about the end of Daylight Savings. Here’s my paraphrasing of his letter:

Dear Daily Terrorgraph.

I am a peanut. (Added for comedy reasons, he didn’t really say that!). In my house, I have 24 clocks. (Erk: I’d hate to be in his house at the top of the hour on in the dead of night!)

Because I am a peanut (ditto) with nothing better to do, I decided to get up at 2am and change all my clocks back from Summer Time to Standard Time (Erk: reinforcing my theory that you sir, are a peanut) and it took me an hour to do it (Erk: That’s what you get for having 24 clocks!).

So why can’t we change our clocks back before we go to bed on Saturday night?


Ima Peanut

Obviously I’ve taken a bit of poetic licence with that but Mr Peanut (if that is your real name), you do not have to wake up out of your (obviously single) bed at 2am to adjust your clocks in the backward direction. Do you get out of bed at the start of Daylight Savings at 2am to move all 24 clocks forward an hour? Or, Mr Peanut, are you one of these blokes who have a clock for every time zone like they do in some places that serve multiple time zones? Maybe, Mr Peanut, you should! Then you’d only have 1 clock to adjust for your time zone if you didn’t change the others to account for their Summer Times!

While the official time for changing your clock back is actually 3am Summer Time, Mr Peanut, nothing is stopping you from changing your clocks back before you go to bed on Saturday night. For as long as I can remember, the media have often said to change your clocks back when you go to bed on Saturday night. Or in my case if I was on Super Duper Early Mornings, Mr Peanut, I could change them at 4pm when I might go to bed for Super Duper Early Mornings.

Mr Peanut, this joke might work better if you were an American but PST (Pacific Standard Time, West Coast USA) does not stand for Peanut Standard Time, you peanut!

(substitute Pelican for Peanut and it will also work)

PA Announcement: “Attention Members & Guests. Could Mr Marty Sheargold please come to Reception. Marty Sheargold to Reception”


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