Chip Machine Skill Tester. FAIL

I was at Lidcombee station before my first train on Tuesday night and I was feeling a bit peckish. While on the phone to Drue the Co-Host, I went past the chip machine on the platform that had two packets of Doritos stuck in the machine one on top of the other. I thought that if I got the Twisters above the stranded Doritos, I would get 3 packets of chips for $2, even if I don’t eat Doritos!

ABOVE – STEP 1. 2 Doritos packets on top of each other.

So I put my money in while giving Drue a running commentary. Now I think, why didn’t I video it!

Money goes in and ……..


Now there is a packet of Twisties on top of two packets of Doritos. My Chip Machine Skill Tester looks doomed. Enter Leigh the Voice Over Guy who dropped in to say hi to me on his way home. Leigh has the idea to use the Cadbury chocolate above the tower of confectionery that is heavier to knock them all down the shute. So we combine our change (I wasn’t going to put a $20 note in the machine!) and we try Leigh’s plan.

The Cadbury bounces off the Twisties without moving them and bounces into the chute and Leigh grabs his chocolate. In terms of Leigh getting chocolate we had success but not in terms of me getting Twisties. I suck of arcade style Skill Testers and I obviously suck at Chip Machine Skill Testers where I can’t use brute force (like on this occasion).

We try to remove the chips and Twisties without success and my train is nearly due so we leave the machine alone. About 3 hours later I went past the machine again and all three packets were gone.



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2 responses to “Chip Machine Skill Tester. FAIL

  1. Wonder if some lucky bastard managed to knock all of those packets down and made off with a real steal, or if the vending machine company came by and put it all back?

  2. LOL Shawno.

    All I know is that I ended up with nothing but at least Leigh the Voice Over Guy got some chocolate! I wonder how much profit companies make purely based on the amount of coin we all lose in vending machines!

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