Full Time Podcasting and Place Association

This article came to mind after listening to episode 365 of Geek News Central. One of the items that Todd spoke of was about what you can and can’t write off as a business expense and he used both himself and podcaster Soccergirl as examples. There was an article about Soccergirl here by Wired in relation to what she was trying to claim with her argument (with my paraphrasing) that as a full time podcaster, podcasting is my life and I am podcasting my life and my life is being podcasted. Anything I buy for the podcast, I can write off.

I (Erk, no longer paraphrasing Soccergirl) can understand that. If you are earning coin from anything, you should be able to write off some things. But where do you stop? For instance, due to my hours, I need a car to get to and from work. Can I claim anything? No!

I read the article where it says what Soccergirl is earning as a podcaster and I have to say that I wish that I was getting paid to do this caper. But having said that, I am glad that I have a well paying full time job that I enjoy, that pays the bills, that gives me time to do this without needing to earn coin. And besides, I have put too much into my career to quit now.

The article led me to thinking about where people live who are podcasters. I live in Sydney, Australia. The article mentioned San Luis Opisbo, California and a podcaster called Dennis Gray who does a parenting podcast called 101 Uses for Baby Wipes. My first thought was “who would do a podcast on Baby Wipes” (with the answer obviously staring me in the face) and then I thought “Shawno & Jen (from the Hyper Nonsense podcast) live in San Luis Opisbo, I wonder if they know Dennis. Then I wondered “how many podcasters live near Erk Pod HQ?”

This is of course after several backwards and forwards conversations between Richard (Wasting Time podcast) and I. Richard lives in Chicago and the differences between here in Sydney and there in Chicago has been a running joke for some time. Sometimes I’ve seen an article about something in Chicago and I thought “gee, I wonder if Richard knows about this” and I later find that he hadn’t heard about it but some guy on the other side of the world does. The same happens in reverse as well.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some local podcasters to find………



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3 responses to “Full Time Podcasting and Place Association

  1. BJ

    I’ve gotta say I also heard this ep of GNC and was surprised at Todd’s comment regarding soccergirl. He made it sound like it is “easy” to make money on the internet…

    In the 4 years prior to working on the railway I was self employed and the bulk of my income came from various marketing efforts from 200 websites which I was running. These were mostly adult websites because this is where the money is… and my income ranged anywhere from a mere $1k per month up to $8k per month – but there was very little consistency. Yes I could earn up to $8k per month but I was working 100 hours a week to promote and network my sites. It wasn’t “easy” by any stretch.

    And you get no superannuation (unless you pay it yourself), no annual leave, no penalty rates or bonuses, no sick leave.

    Most of my income was in USD, back then it was relatively easy to earn decent money because our dollar was only USD0.55 so I could almost double whatever USD income I made. But with the rising trend in our currency I could see it was going to be unsustainable to continue – so I had to broaden my income and look to other employment options.

    Lucky I did, because now our dollar is close to parity it means I need to sell almost twice as much to earn the same amount back in the early days.

    I think Todd is in a very fortunate and lucky position to be able to make a career from doing what he loves, and I guess that is what life should be about – and if soccergirl enjoys what she does and can make a buck out of it then I say good for her.


  2. BJ, my people need to speak to your people about your past life pre railway :P

    Todd would know more than either of us about how much coin is or isn’t in podcasting. My point was that you’ve had to be able to make a fair bit of coin and have a large audience to be able to go full time. And going full time on the basis of one show probably isn’t enough.

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