Follow Up to Recent Podcasting Article

I recently wrote an article called “Full Time Podcasting & Place Association” in relation to episode 365 of Geek News Central. It was about what people can and can’t claim or write off for tax/income purposes. Geek News Central host Todd Cochrane used himself and fellow podcaster Soccergirl as examples. My article was fairly neutral, explaining that while I personally would love to podcast full time, it would take a fair amount of coin to be able to do so.

After this, Erk Pod friend and guest/panelist BJ commented on the post after also hearing Todd on GNC. BJ commented:

I’ve gotta say I also heard this ep of GNC and was surprised at Todd’s comment regarding soccergirl. He made it sound like it is “easy” to make money on the internet…

In the 4 years prior to working on the railway I was self employed and the bulk of my income came from various marketing efforts from 200 websites which I was running. These were mostly adult websites because this is where the money is… and my income ranged anywhere from a mere $1k per month up to $8k per month – but there was very little consistency. Yes I could earn up to $8k per month but I was working 100 hours a week to promote and network my sites. It wasn’t “easy” by any stretch.

And you get no superannuation (unless you pay it yourself), no annual leave, no penalty rates or bonuses, no sick leave.

Most of my income was in USD, back then it was relatively easy to earn decent money because our dollar was only USD0.55 so I could almost double whatever USD income I made. But with the rising trend in our currency I could see it was going to be unsustainable to continue – so I had to broaden my income and look to other employment options.

Lucky I did, because now our dollar is close to parity it means I need to sell almost twice as much to earn the same amount back in the early days.

I think Todd is in a very fortunate and lucky position to be able to make a career from doing what he loves, and I guess that is what life should be about – and if soccergirl enjoys what she does and can make a buck out of it then I say good for her.


Through links and the wonders of the interweb, Todd has read the article and BJ’s comment and mentioned it on GNC episode 366. I was very (pleasantly) surprised by this mention because I was not expecting this. I have mentioned Todd and GNC on numerous occasions on this blog and on the podcast previously. I know that Todd has a massive audience and if only a small percentage of his audience visits Erk Pod, I will be happy.

I must thank BJ for getting me a mention on GNC. I doubt that I would have gotten a mention solely based on the article that I wrote.


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